Friday, September 30, 2005


This was posted at from Jordans Grandma -
Hello Everyone!

First of all, I apologize for sending a mass mailing to you all.


The crazy bitch turned herself in to police, Jordan is in the hospital for
observation, my daughter is with him and the boy cannot stop smiling! He
hugged us all very long and very hard.

He said he knew we would find him.

He said he knew he needed to get to a phone to call 911, but his mother
wouldn't let him out of her sight.

He said she took him to "too many houses", and he is tired.

He said his mom saw something on the computer and then she saw herself on
the late local news broadcast and turned herself in.

Jordan is safe. He looks unharmed, but is exhausted. His psychiatrist has already been with him and will see him again today. The hospital is testing him for any signs of abuse, and he ate a huge meal early this morning.

Bottom line, For once a story like this has a happy ending.

Thank you all so very much for all of your support, action, friendship,
concern, love and kindness. You have no idea how much comfort you gave all
of us, to know that there were so many eyes and hearts out there looking and
doing something... You never want to know how helpless you can feel when
something like this happens.

I know it is a lot to ask, but please, alert your readers that this crisis
is over. I cannot bear the thought of anyone else worrying over our family,
and if you sent out email alerts, please send a follow up telling them that everything is ok. I would hate to see Jordan circulating 5 years from now in a chain email and end up on

God, it feels good to laugh.

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