Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I've said it for a while. When the 2 sides numbers are close, there is the potential for manipulation of the results. I contend that this is exactly what happened in 2000 and 2004. The weakness in Bush's polling numbers was more than made up for by the manipulation of the computerized voting machines. But with the real world threatening, and then finally breaking through the vaunted Bush Bubble, the lack of ability surrounding the Bush misAdministration was revealed for all to see. This led to some rather spectacularly stupid things happening in the plain sight of the vast American public. And this time, a lot more people were paying attention. So, now, a year after pResident Bush was re-(elected?), he is sliding to his lowest approval rating yet, and each day brings more hazards this pResident seems ill equipped to think about, much less deal with.

Maybe he'll quit and buy a little league franchise in Kennebunkport. With the experience he's gained over the last few years, I feel reasonably confident in saying, Dubya could just pull it off.

I am somewhat concerned with the state of the investigation and prosecution of charges regarding the Plame Affair. I will not affix -gate to these things anymore. It seems to trivialize in some way the current problem, whatever that may be at the time. This situation is unique in it's aspects that it deserves to stand alone in the American lexicon. The pressure needs to be maintained. Now is not the time to sit back and excitedly play with our Fitzmas gift. We must maintain vigilance, we must embark on perhaps the most public and detailed cleansing of our government and it's organs, indeed, the body politic must wash away the stain of fascism and neo-consevativism, and once again rise up to do it's duty in setting our nation on it's right path.
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