Thursday, December 01, 2005


Okay, I screwed up. What happened was I tried to post the article and got a "could not transfer, could not read html tags" or something like that. So, I went to the edit page to delete and the article was not there. I then went to front page and the article did not post. I then thought I shouldn't post it anyway, for the reasons below. While Human slept the Evil Blog Fairy put it on the front page. Since A guest has commented I won't reformat it like I would of liked.

It is a very important article about the ties that bind these criminals together. I have not posted anything from MAD COW MORNING NEWS before because the site deals mainly with the 911 conspiracy, and I wanted to post my own thoughts, theories and personal conclusions in a comprehensive article and only then introduce some sites and other reference links. The 911 controversy has attracted a lot of people who are either crazy, nefarious or are Psy-Operatives.
So it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff carefully. I do not want to quote a truth from a site and then find a "link" or other page that ties it all up with "Bat Boy" and the "Spiders from Mars".

I guess it is now incumbent on me to post my own 911 article and will do so in the near future. In the meantime I urge you to visit Daniel Hopsicker's MAD COW MORNING NEWS

I suggest you watch all the videos and read some archive material. Also for people who still read books a very good one is Hopsicker's BARRY AND THE BOYS. If you wanna find how long the string that ties and binds that is.


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