Monday, July 10, 2006


So here I am watching the morning replay of Countdown with Keith Olberman. He was talking with guests on how the Government is using fear for political purposes. Suddenly "Breaking News". A 4 story building has collapsed in Ney York City. MSNBC is reporting that AP reports there was a explosion and fire.

Just when people weren't buying the BS anymore. Will if this is a supposed attack, the evidence be shipped to China like they did with the 911 buildings?

Switching to CNN they are hyping the fear on some "Al Qeada American" "report". FOX is reporting it. I note the emphasis the FOX "reporter" used with the word "explosion".

Now they(MSNBC) are reporting it is a 3 story building.Listening to eyewitness from a local News feed(WNBC). If I heard the local reporter correctly the buildings in the area are used by Republicans. Building reported to be used as parking garage.

I see that there is much debris in the road and some in front of the neighboring building. The neighboring buildings seem to be old. At least 50 years. Some brownstones. The parking garage if that what it was could also have been used for utilities for the neighboring buildings. Many older buildings cannot take the load of the heavy machinery. Now they are reporting that a Doctors office was in the building.

Another eyewitness is reporting that she heard "double bangs" and then an explosion.
"I think something hit the building" she says. She thought at first bang it was a truck crashing.

I have to go now. I wanted to put my 1st impressions and 1st reports out. If I could only trust my government to tell me the truth. It's up to us find out what happened.

Before I go, I see that on the bottom ticker of MSNBC "WHITE HOUSE: NY BUILDING EXPLOSION IS NOT RELATED TO TERRORISM." My 1st impression is how in the hell would they even know at such an early stage? Well I gotta travel 75 miles to take my aged Father Inlaw shopping. I'll be back in the late afternoon.


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