Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dith Pran a victim and eyewitness to Pol Pot's Cambodian Regime of Mass Murder has died of Pancreatic Cancer. His account became the basis of the Award Winning film "The Killing Fields". Click this for the report by ABC.

I often hear the cry of "Never Again" in relation to the Holocaust. What seems so hard for people to admit is that it has happened again. It happened in Cambodia. It happened in Rwanda. Man's Inhumanity to Man knows no bounds. And Truth be Told, We Americans have been the instigators to the murder of Millions of Humans. For those that would deny this, it's time to take the lens cap off.

The Secrets of the CIA

Though I could not find "The Killing Fields" online I did find this very informative Documentary at Oniazuma.

"All tragedies have universal implications." Dith Pran born September 27, 1942 died March 30, 2008.

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