Thursday, October 22, 2009


48 and so Blessed that it's hard to ask for anything. But if I could this is where I want to be right now. It's 24/7 coverage. And as I write(11:30pm) it's sunrise there. I've recorded over 40 hours on realplayer and I ain't going to stop.

In other earth shattering news I've picked up my old you tube channel again. Originally I just wanted to post family vids and such. Sad to say the sickos came and I pulled the vids of my son and nephew. You can read the comment section on my channel to see what danger there is. Now I'm just going to do political, nature and funny type stuff. Since I've only posted 3 vids in total I'm pretty much a newbie. Except for commenting! :)
Here's my new vid -

This report was made before Alan Grayson became a Congressman. He was the lead attorney exposing war profiteering by Halliburton, Custer Battles and others. Rep. Grayson has been fighting the good fight for a while now. His recent media exposure as an outspoken opponent of the Republican agenda is not abstract. He has teamed up with Rep. Ron Paul to audit the fed and stop the racket that is the Federal Reserve. He's called out fellow Democrats including President Obama. The GOP has targeted Rep. Grayson. I'm one of many who got his back. But just remember what the sick bastards did to Max Cleland. There's a Money Bomb set to drop on the GOP Nov. 2nd. from the good ship My wife and I sent 10 bucks. Until we have public funded elections fund raising will remain a must. If you are able, please help send a big message to the GOP and Weak Kneed Reid &Co.

And congratulations to Robert Rouse on his new place, Freeze Dried Gray Matter. Well worth your click and time.

I'll also link youtube friends and subscriptions soon. Right now I'm going to watch some wildlife in Africa and nod off. I also noticed that I probably set a record on my blog with the number of "I"s "I'll"s and such on this post. Heck it's my birthday and I can be totally self centered for a hour or so. I I I I I. ME ME ME ME. ME. ALL ABOUT ME....

Peace. To me. Forever.

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