Tuesday, June 15, 2010


and another thug from the "Joint Terrorism Task Force" of the FBI try to intimidate a Peace activist who attended a Free Palestine Demonstration. In the video that follows "Special Deputy" Layne-Brewster Smith lies when she tells their proposed victim that their job is to "prevent crimes". Instead of being victimized by the "authorities" the Peace activist turns the tables on them, starts recording and refuses to be intimidated. The behavior of the "Officers" is no doubt improved by the presence of the camera.

Layne Brewster-Smith is most likely another local Police Officer that has been Federalized. They send the local Police for training at Federal Facilities, cull those that will be an asset and Deputize them as U.S. Marshall's. This puffs up the the local Police Officer and they can rest assured any malfeasance or criminal behavior by themselves will have a double screen. 1st the "Blue Line" that all officers enjoy and if that fails the Feds will protect the "Deputy".

What these "Agents" "Officers" "Deputies" did is against the Law. They had no evidence of Criminal Behavior. It's pure intimidation. Soft yes, but intimidation none the less.

And who was the "caller"(if there is one) who reported the Peaceful Demonstrator as a threat? Was it the local assets of AIPAC, JDL? Or, as is most likely the male FBI agent just made it all up?

Accolades and kudos to the Brave woman in the video.

And here is some free advice to "Special Deputy" Layne Brewster-Smith.
See the sidebar Layne? It has a link to the FBI 9 most wanted. How about catching some of those suspects? Or click onto the Center for Missing and Exploited Children link. Just imagine how much better you would feel bringing relief and joy to some heartbroken parent whose child is missing instead of Terrorizing your Sister who is working for a Peaceful World.

I'd advise the Male lead, but it's obvious he does not respect the Law or Human Rights.

Peace. Sometimes it's takes a mirror. A big mirror.

Confirmed. Layne Brewster-Smith is an officer with the University of Texas. So a campus Cop is given a "Special Deputy" badge and then she can go around with her FBI pals and intimidate people who oppose Israel's Genocidal Program against the Palestinian people. Isn't AmerIsrael great or what? You notice that on her LInkIn (since removed)page she doesn't mention that she is a "Special Deputy U.S. Marshall"? mmm. So I guess when she isn't trying to intimidate Mothers who don't like mass murder much she is most likely busy running an infil OP on Campus directed towards students who attend UT who might have "Extremist views" like, mmm objecting to the murder of Rachel Corrie by the State of Israel. My intuition tells me that if you are a like student, that you should take a close look at those around you. It is by Infil OPS the Government has time and time again done tremendous damage to those people who dare exercise their Constitutional Rights when it comes to opposing injustice,the Mighty MIC and all it's Mechanisms of Racketeering. Even if no crime has happened or will likely happen they will create a crime. Or frame you and kill you. It is in this way they can justify their continued programs(read funding), get promotions and keep their "Special Deputy U.S. Marshall" badges how ever tarnished they maybe.

So to wrap up, according to the American Government, this is not Terrorism.

("Israel admits killing 189 children in Gaza", Telegraph)

This is.

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