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Mossad Agents Identified. Iddo Greental, DOB: 20 Apr 1978 Naomi Greental, DOB: 20 Nov 1954 Izchak Lewkowicz, DOB: 22 Mar 1956 Doron Grunthal

Mossad Agents Identified. Iddo Greental, DOB: 20 Apr 1978 Naomi Greental, DOB: 20 Nov 1954 Izchak Lewkowicz, DOB: 22 Mar 1956 Doron Grunthal by way of Wikileaks.
This is another example from the past of spying by Israeli Mossad Agents that continue to the present day.

Each person identified should be treated as a National Security Threat and dealt with accordingly. Any known presence and activities of the individuals named should be widely publicized along with notice to the Local Police Authorities and the FBI.

This Intell came from Wikileaks. The title of the file is us-crimtsum-2002-8-16.pdf
crimtsum is an acronym for CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY.
The Mossad Agents were trying to enter Nuclear Weapon and Energy Facilities .

"3. Possible Surveillance Activity - IL: On 6 Aug 02, Rock Island DoD security personnel
stopped a 2002 black Buick with Wisconsin license KDR428 containing four foreign nationals.
The individuals were identified as:
1. Iddo GREENTAL, DOB: 20 Apr 1978 (NFI)
2. Naomi GREENTAL, DOB: 20 Nov 1954 (NFI)
3. Izchak LEWKOWICZ, DOB: 22 Mar 1956 (NFI)
Mr I. GREENTAL, Ms N. GREENTAL and Mr LEWKOWICZ produced Israeli passports and Mr
GRUNTHAL produced a Dutch passport. Mr LEWKOWICZ stated he was a professor, in the
US for a conference, and wanted to visit the arsenal, but he did not provide any details about
where or when the conference was being held. All four individuals were denied access. A
registration check of the vehicle determined it was a rental car from O'Hare International Airport,
Chicago, IL. On 11 Aug 02, the same vehicle reportedly attempted entry into the Clinton Nuclear
Power Plant, Clinton, IL, but was also denied access (CID, Rock Island 0074-02).
"CIOP-ACE (195)
SUBJECT: Criminal Intelligence Summary 033-02
DISTRIBUTION: This document is provided for your information and use. It is intended for law enforcement and security personnel,
military commanders, intelligence analysts, and other officials with a need to know. Further dissemination should be limited to a
minimum, consistent with the purpose of supporting effective law enforcement and public safety. Copies of this document,
enclosures thereto, and information therefrom will not be further released outside your agency without prior approval. Additional
release requires prior approval from the USACIDC Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, phone (703) 806-0300.
Avenue, Long Island, NY. Mr FICHMAN related he left his passport and Visa at his cousin’s
residence, as he did not know it was required to enter West Point. Since Mr FICHMAN did not
possess the proper ID, he was denied entry (CID, West Point 0098-02).
(CID NOTE: There have been similar suspicious surveillance-like incidents since 9-11 involving
apparent Israeli citizens. [CRIMINTSUM 004-91 and CRIMINTSUM 009-01].)"

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