Friday, March 04, 2011

Deborah Pauly American Terrorist

Here is an elected official taking part in a protest and threatening others with death.

You can go here for a report of the events.

Since Deborah Pauly feels justified in having her son and other Marines murder Americans based on their personal religious beliefs, is it justified to use whatever force against Terrorists like Deborah Pauly? Will some Muslim Marine send her to the Pearly Gates because she is a Christian Terrorist?

Well, I hope not. Maybe she can redeem herself and rejoin Humanity. Remember her words the next time an American comes home in a box.

Feel free to contact American Terrorist Deborah Pauly at the City of Villa Park Governmental Offices at (714) 998-1500. Or by visiting Villa Park Council Offices at 17855 Santiago Boulevard Villa Park, CA 92861.

P.S. Anybody who knows Orange County at all, realizes that Orange County and Yorba Linda in particular is made up largely of bigots who moved from L.A. to get away from the Black people. It's one of the most racist areas in the Nation.

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