Sunday, January 22, 2006


Y'all. This is about my 100th attempt to post tonight. I was wondering what was up.
Well as many of you know I have taken part in many Anti War demonstrations, wrote critical letters to government officials concerning the Bush Regime, and have openly urged many Mil Bloggers and other Mil Members to Mutiny in a non-vio;ent way. Including the PR Officer at the Pentagon. I have written foreign Embassies asking them to shun the Bush Regime, Cut off diplomatic ties and seize American assets.

I refuse to be like a German citizen living in 1933. I will not relent.

Recently I called Al Jazeera numerous times and sent them e-mail. This was in an attempt to get them to publish former(UK) Ambassador to Uzbekastan Craig Murray's memo's detailing torture and rendition at the behest of the UK and American Governments. Another story ignored by the MSM. Funny that Al Jazeera would not run the story. Since they are supposed to be the enemy of the U.S. I even e-mailed the links and the memos to them. Numerous times. You all have read about the wiretapping. I called Al Jazeera just before the story broke. Not that it would of mattered. I will not relent.

Well friends, when I click on to go to my page(from google search page) I read in my loading URL at the bottom - "" and then "www."(The Pentagon's site). It is only after that that my page Carbon Paper comes up. Maybe. About half the time a blank page comes up. Doesn't happen to other pages.

Other things like icons on my control page dissapear and reappear. I can not cut and paste to bloggers "create new post".

Did you see aljazeera and or defenselink when you came today? Try again and let me know. Don't reload. Go away and come back and watch carefully.

I think this is another step on the War against Freedom. Did ya notice that from the Washington Post to Lou Dobbs that "Bloggers" are now the new dirty word? Check or crooks and liars recent posts about it. They have also reported cookies from the Pentagon placed on them before. (I can't post links now either)

Just think. A simple guy like me requiring this? Do you really think they are not capable of more evil deeds? These sickos will stop at nothing in there attempt to smash the Constitution and End Liberty for All. The Power and Profit they are addicted to is worse than Heroin my friends. They make War on us because the Hate our Freedoms. They get in the way of another fix.

I will continue to resist in non-violent ways. I will continue to do so. I will not go with a wimper.
I will not relent.

To any and all Goverment officials and Mil. Members: If you have any Humanity left in your soul, join us the Lovers of Freedom and Democracy and help us overthrow the Bush Regime.

If you are in an active Combat area, fulfill your daily mission Reqs. Every day tell your immediate CO that you want American troops pulled out of Iraq.

If you are in a non-combat area stay in your barracks or stage a sit in at your Congresspersons office. Join up with Military Families Speak Out at and do it with them.
These murdering fascists must be stopped.

Live up to your oath and defend America against its domestic enemies. The Bush Regime. We don't need to kill. Just resist.

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