Tuesday, February 14, 2006


By my good friend Roundearther -

As an upholder of the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, I have an idea that may be full of irony, yet I need to express it as a way of analyzing it. So, here goes

If, and almost certainly when, the Congress awakes to the facts of the true State of the Union, there will be an impeachment of this administration. When pResident Bush is convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors (maybe also treason?), it would make a great deal of sense to remove his appointees, and any of the neo-conservative movement’s adherents, from whatever positions they have attained in the government due to his administration’s ascent to power.

Neo-conservativism admits no boundaries in it’s recognition of the power of the Executive. The founding of the neocon movement in America can trace its roots to the early 20th century European experiment in polity. Czars overthrown, Kaisers dismissed, Kings deposed. In this era of revolution, many political philosophers were heard, and many were dismissed by the great majority of the people. Fascist voices were heard and heeded by many seemingly intelligent people. The Italians had Mussolini, the Germans had Hitler, Spain had Franco. In the 21st century, America has Bush. Characteristic of all of these men is the fact that they were extremely powerful rulers, whose ascension to power was (is) clouded by the debris of lies and untruths. None of these guys felt any remorse for their lies and misdirection. Hitler rose to absolute power after the burning of the Reichstag, an event he himself created. Bush’s rise to power was just as incendiary, though the flames didn’t come till later. When the SCOTUS decides who gets to be President by stopping a legal vote count, there is ample reason to get alarmed. Nonetheless, America got pResident Bush. Nine months later, the pResident consolidated his power in the most seditious way. There is more than enough evidence to go to court and win a conviction. His treason was to allow an attack on American soil, which killed more than three thousand immediately, with many more dying in the years immediately following 9/11/01.

It is my contention that this is being done to bring about the destruction of the United States by the only means possible. The national leadership of the US is attempting to destroy our country. How else to explain the results of six years of one party dominance, with no checks and balances, in contravention of our Constitution? We have been lied to by the clumsiest of buffoons. As he’s lying to us, and distracting our attention, his friends have defrauded the nation of trillions of dollars. How else to explain the dire straits our national economy is in? What excuse for allowing our nation to slide into disarray? Where is the respect for laws, and ideas backed with facts; where is there any sense of realism in our national discourse? How is it that America has fallen from “Beacon of Democracy and Freedom”, to the status of “Rogue Nation”? Hubris. Arrogance. Greed.

Hubris. The assumption that we are the best. The belief that Americans, and thus their country, have found the best way to live, the best way to think, the best way to feel. We can claim that we have found the best way to govern. Yet this is only true when we are governed by people who have the best of intentions for our country. It goes without saying (I used to think) that that government must be truthful with the governed, and work within the laws of the US to advance the agenda of the US. It also is imperative that the governed be satisfied that the government has legitimate goals. The best way to gain that satisfaction is to ensure the transparency of the governing process. I submit that pResident Bush has no good intentions for the US. He has abandoned, in thought and deed, the very people who make this country work. He has done everything in his power to obscure the process by which he is governing, actively and passively. He has lied, bullied, cheated, and defrauded the people, while making sweet heart deals with his supporters.

Arrogance. We have allowed, in our name, the blatantly unfair exportation of cut-throat capitalism. We have been told the lies that we are trying to bring freedom and prosperity to subjugated peoples by exporting our way of life. In reality, the US exploits the cheapest labor on the planet, and has no problems with killing inconvenient peoples to achieve its goals. Usually, though, all that’s needed is a few well placed bribes to the proper people, and the killing can be kept to a minimum. Look into Barrick Corp. and the Tanzanian miners. Then check to see who is on the Board of Barrick Corp. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There are so many examples of this policy in action. I may expand on these, but feel no need to do so right now.

Greed. Avarice. Never satisfied. Always wanting more. Perhaps the basic engine for capitalism, we have developed into a nation of consumers, and lost our status as producers. Heavy production industries have fled American shores, and foreign producers sell in America’s markets now. The unreality of the world economy is reflected in the fact that the American marketplace is the richest in the world, and yet the American state is the biggest debtor nation in the world. So we borrow in order to consume, and have to continue to borrow to pay the interest on the principle. The American paper held by the rst of the world is approximately 8.1 trillion dollars. This is a staggering sum, that can’t be paid off, even with drastic effort, for at least two generations, probably many more. When our debt holders call in these notes, America is either going to have to declare bankruptcy, or maybe attempt to militarily enforce a settlement. Either way, someone is going to pay for our greed.


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