Thursday, February 02, 2006


"I too cannot wait until the "people" rise up, declare the Revolution, and take to the streets in armed struggle.
In other words, I hope I live to see the day these evil bastards are gunned down like rabbits."

" By evil bastards being gunned down, I of course meant all hippies, commies, and militants of all ages, gender roles, and ethnicities."

"OK. Who just got "frog-marched" here? Rove? Or Sheehan?
Gotta love this circus we call the progressive movement."

"But the peace protestors have no audience. They aren't violent enough. code pink? raging grannies? Useless isolationists who have no solutions other then to do nothing. They leach on other people to do the actual work of civilization for them, while they hoot from the stands."

Who's balls are bigger? The guy who blows up one reactor or the guy who takes out the whole damned country?
"The wiretap thing is good."

"So far, I like what I hear, and I like that GWB wasn't wishy-washy about Iran.
I hope he doesn't trust the Russians or Chinese to be sincere negotiators."

"Iran must come to and END!


No these are not quotes from Lance Corporal Blake Miller.

These are quotes culled from the comments section from the sickest of far right blogs.

Little Green Footballs.

Blake Miller sits with his wife, Jessica, and Candi at the home where she grew up in Virgie, Ky. The couch is theirs, the flag blanket from his grandmother Mildred. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor

Blake Miller, who received an honorable discharge after two tours of duty in Iraq, walks the property he grew up on in Jonancy, Ky., a small town in the eastern part of the state. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor

Miller helps put new wheel bearings on wife, Jessica’s, car with the help of his father, Jim, inside his dad’s garage. Miller was an auto body specialist before joining the Marines. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor

Miller has reduced his habit to a pack-and-a-half a day, the same as before the military. He increased to two-and-a-half packs right before going to Iraq and more than five in the battle zone. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor.

"I mean, how would we feel if they came over and started something here?" he asked. "I'm glad that I fought for my country. But looking back on it, I wouldn't do it all over again." LANCE CORPORAL BLAKE MILLER

"When I was in the service my opinion was whatever the Commander-in-Chief's opinion was. But after I got out, I started to think about it. The biggest question I have now is how you can make a war on an entire country when a certain group from that country is practising terrorism against you. It's as if a gang from New York went to Iraq and blew some stuff up and Iraq started a war against us because of that." LANCE CORPORAL BLAKE MILLER

Short story.

Long story.

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