Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well I can't say that it was the acts of the enemies of Freedom that caused me so much trouble on my blog. It may have just been a glitch. Pols USA advice stopped the interferance.
Thanks Buddy!

What we do know is that the Bush Regime is more concerned with squashing dissent and destroyng the Constituion once and for all than in catching Osama and Friends. We also know that the Pentagon has inserted cookies into sites like Americablog. After they had reported it some months back ago I checked my own machine and sure enough there was a DOD cookie. I deleted it(or maybe it just appears like it).

One new commentor said that Bushsaid he wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera. I think the Puppet was talking out of hand.

I maintain that AL-Jazeera is a Globalist Propaganda site. The main objectiion that the USA Military had concerning Al-Jazeera was the pictures of dead Americans shown on TV. Most of the supposed objections from the American side are concerning Al-Jazeera TV and not .net. Since I can't watch it much less interpet it I cannot say that there is an Anti-American slant or what is shown is contrary to American "interests". I can say that .net is hardly critical. While they have posted stories on atrocities commited by Americans, they have always been in concert with other MSM sources in doing so. I think .net does just enough online to appear to project an independent view.

I want to thank everyone who stuck by and put their reports on what they saw and for each opinion. Thanks Friends!

The greatest weopon that the Bush Regime has is fear. The greatest we can swing in knowledge. We can only swing it effectively by sticking together. That is why I feel an affinity to the oppressed peoples of the World. As each day sees the poisoning of America my affinity grows. That is why I was writing the post below in a personally happier time for me.

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