Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Life is really good ya know? I have a wonderful friend in Roundearther who came through and loaned me this here machine so I can have my tentacles on the web. I have a lovely Wife and a perfect little boy. My Mom is doing good. I'm extremely well fed. As a matter of fact my daily caloric intake is probably 3 or 4 times the amount most people get. We are pretty well covered insurance wise through my wife's work. We have enough clothes. Fact is comparably to most other Humans we are living like Gods.

Any fears for tommorrow? Well yeah sure. The expected ones every Human has to bear. For most of our fellow Humans daily physical insecurity is the norm. Malnourishment, brutal working conditions, absolutely no access to competent Health Care, an Absence of upward mobility, poor education, no suffrage, no Hope and no Say is what millions and millions are confronted with every morning.

The above perfectly describes the conditions of slaverly. Like all slaves they have masters. Who are their masters? Sometimes it is a Brutal Dictator who often is a Vassal of a foreign Power, or a Domestic Corporate or Religous entity or a combination of these. If the country is in reality run by another power that is foreign the slaves are so by proxy. Then there is the outright Occupier. Out of the choices that of an occupation is most often the most brutal.

America we must admit has gotten the majority of it's wealth from being a brutal occupier. So proficient that within it's present borders genocide on a massive scale was performed. Hundreds of cultures and languages are lost forever.

Since we have had the ability to project our Military power we have not hesitated to subjugate and enslave other peoples. Sure we have done a lot of good. Where our Domestic power base(read White) has felt an affinity for the peoples. Old Europe for instance. Or when the tenacity of the opponent has garnered respect and coupled with a trustworthy authority like in Japan.

Distance plays a part. During the 1900's our slaves in the farms of Central America were whipped back into submission relatively easy. A few assassinations here, a few villages wiped out there and big rewards for the overseers brought about a relative stability to the plantations.

That was until the slaves became educated. They learned how to read, compute mathematics and learn about other places where others had all the things they had been missing. As President Jefferson said "Education will make you free" or something like that, or as Rev. Martin Luther King said, "Learn Baby Learn, Not Burn Baby Burn."

All over Latin America our slave farms have been lost. Sure Columbia still dances to Uncle Sam's flute, but how long do you think that will last? For the 1st time in Hundreds of years people of indigenous blood are taking control of the reins of Government. After having their wealth robbed for generations will they go back and kowtow to their former masters? Would you?

Yes you and I know the facts. To some facts just don't matter. To them it is still Manifest Destiny that America dominate the World and is the Supreme slaveholder. For these usefools aggressive War, assassinating President(the elected kind) Chavez, taking the Southern Iranian Oil Fields and reinstalling a Peacock on the throne, Economic Blackmail and other acts of Inhumanity are justified. Any ramifications are greeted with a so what attitude.

It is this attitude and the coming acts that the Usefools will support that will cost America not only the Plantations but any type of way to project Power or Influence. Arrogance has many costs.

There is a Coaltion building. Against America. The people of the Temperate Latitudes have had enough of being slaves to foreign masters. Many have tasted Liberty and Democracy. Why would they want to return or continue to live under the Brutal Boot? Would you?

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