Monday, March 06, 2006


3 Topics One Post-
1st - There is a time and place for everything(req. caveat for ignorants- there are exceptions).
Like when, where and how to publicly demonstrate. As a supporter of the effort to prevent and then stop the American Iraq War I have participated in 5 demonstrations. Not one was at a funeral, or hospital.

One of my favorite groups Code Pink was demonstrating against the War at Walter Reed (a mil hosp). I wrote them and gave them my opinion on the matter. The Creepies took over their spot recently. The choice of place for action by both groups is abhorrent to me. Maybe I am wrong?
I don't think so.

Now we have a group protesting at funerals. Funerals where all the grief, sorrow, relief, forgiveness, reflection, introspection, Comfort, Love and empathy of the family and friends is expressed.
In steps this CRAP! (human angry).

2) With the Bush Regime's very poor popularity further sinking into an abyss, the misadministration has decided on a New approach. PSYCE! You did not believe that did you?
No. They continue their Psyops and News Management.

The Bush Regime has threatened to prosecute Journalists who disseminate Classified Info. You know. It is the media's fault we were not welcomed as Liberators. That we have a record deficit.
That Nuclear Proliferation is the Name of the Game. That there is a Globe warming. Ours.

So if somebody in the Administration intends to leak the truth on the Lying, Thieving Murderers of the Bush Regime, the evil media can't say they weren't warned.

And since an overwhelming majority of the Troops say we should pull out of Iraq in 10 months, the Bush Regime has decided that it needs to furhter inform the Troops. PSYCE! Don't tell me you fell for it again? A unconfirmed report from Wonkette says certain sites are prevented from being viewed by the Marines.

3) And(drum roll please) INTRODUCING A NEW FRIENDLY! I had this site bkmkd. On my computer. The one that does not work. Well Bill Putman(real name) contacted me and a valuable insight and resource is once again available. He is a Photo Jounalist in Iraq. He has served in Uniform and has a brother who was wounded (returned to duty). His pics and writings(there are radio Diary links also) provide a honest view. I strongly urge you to read his archives. It is not that many posts overall. And in a short time you will arrive at his present posts. If nothing else read Nov - Dec. '05 to present. From the optimism of the Iraqi elections to a "cliff crumbling"(I think the quote is right). He is due to come back to the World in May. He welcomes commenters of all persuasions. He does not expouse his own views much.
It is more a look at the ground level.
So be sure to visit -


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