Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"On wednsday morning

when the ABC news show reported from Fallujah, where the division is based, the troops gave the reporters an earful. One soldier said he felt like he'd been "kicked in the guts, slapped in the face." Another demanded that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld quit.

The retaliation from Washington was swift."

No that was not last wednsday. That was in July 2003. Many military members have spoken out. I know of three other Mil Bloggers who are in danger from the higher up because of their outspokeness.

The pressure from the Military against the Bush Regime is growing. We must encourage this whenever possible. Without a true represenative Government we the People need the Military to help reclaim it. As many of you know I have written the Pentagon's PR Officer and others(Not in a Combat zone) to Mutiny in a non-violent way, for those in a Combat Zone to ask their C.O. daily to withdrawl from Iraq, to petition their Reps daily for the same. I used my real name in doing so. I will re-write those letters.

In addition in an attempt to stop the crazies from widening their Death and Destruction we must do everything possible to stop an attack on Iran. Over at Firedoglake Pachacutec has some suggestions.

With that I present this article.
"I will never trust any of them again."

Write, disseminate, petition, protest and encourage others to do so. Time is fleeting.
Let's give these Facsists a healthy serving of Democracy.

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