Saturday, July 29, 2006


Just as it is here in the United States, in Israel People of Peace are marginalized, lied about and ignored. I've been watching and reading and nary a mention that Peace demonstrations in Israel are growing. That Dana Olmert daughter of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was one of the many to protest. Her sign that she carried and placed in front of Israeli Defense Minister Peretzs' house read "STOP MURDERING CIVILIANS".

I remember after the Butchery of Sabra and Shattila 1982 by Ariel Sharon over 400,000 Israelis protested and demanded a pullout. I did a calculation then and came up with 10% of the total Israeli population protesting and demanding a pullout. I knew then that Israel would pull back. I hope the same thing would happen again. I think because Israel is a smaller society it is harder to feed BS to the people. Here it is gobbled up like a cake and ice cream.

So it is the Hope for a more Peaceful World that I reach across the Seas in Solidarity with the good people of Gush Shalom. You will find their link on the right.

Gush Shalom has recently put ads up in the Newspaper Haaretz. This is the voice that will grow.

"While the eyes of the public
Are riveted to the
Daily bloodletting in Lebanon -
The wholesale killing
In the Gaza Strip
Is going on.

Women and children
Are also killed
Every day.

This bill, too,
Will be presented to us
In the future"

That ad appeared on the 28th . This one 2 days earlier-

"THEN: The war was prepared well in advance.
THIS TIME: The same.

THEN: We went to war only to protect "the Peace of Galilee".
THIS TIME: We go to war to protect Haifa and Afula, too.

THEN: We waited for a provocation (the attempt on the life of Ambassador Argov).
THIS TIME: We waited for a provocation (the capture of two soldiers).

THEN: "We shall advance only 40 KM in order to eliminate the Katyushas."
THIS TIME: "We shall advance only a few kilometers in order to eliminate the rockets."

THEN: Sharon acted behind the back of the cabinet.
THIS TIME: Olmert-Peretz-Halutz act behind the back of the ministers.

THEN: We destroyed Lebanon.
THIS TIME: We are destroying Lebanon.

THEN: Only the PLO profited from the war. A few years later they returned to Palestine.
THIS TIME: Only Hezbollah will profit from the war. Their prestige in the Arab world increases every day.

THEN: We were stuck in the quagmire for 18 years.


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