Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Make no mistake; Man's Inhumanity to Man knows no bounds. There are many documented atrocities. Europeons against Indigenous People around the World, Russians against Ukrainians, Germans against Jews and Tutu against Hutu are just a sampling what we have done to each other.

Many of you know at least some of the above mentioned atrocities because you have been taught about them. I think if we were not, our present actions and Ideals would be very much different. Some people and groups try to deny such atrocities happened. The most widely known massacre has come to be known as the Holocaust. Today many try to deny that it ever happened and work to convince others of the same. The only reason their argument does not hold water is because the perpetrators of the Holocaust were publicly tried and their actions accounted for(yes I know a lot "got away" w/American help). The convictions that Prosecutors like Mr. Ferencz(see previous post) achieved would have never happened if the Germans were not such prolific record keepers. Most who have studied the trials know that in the main German Docs were the most damaging evidence to the defense.

Who can argue against the fact that Germany today is quite aware of it's past and that Sunshine proved to be a very good disinfectant?

We learn and presto Never Again! is the rally cry. Oh yeah? Is that cry just for Jews? Or is it for you and I too? For Congolese(millions slaughtered in the last decade)? For Cambodians? For Palestinians?

Today America is embroiled in the Middle East like never before. If we are to really understand the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis we need to understand how the present situation came to be. The following video is an effort to do just that.

Remember, We are not All Guilty, but we are, All Responsible.


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