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I ain't much fer tagging. 1st because I don't see how one could be interested. 2nd My blog purpose is try to make a better world and not really about me. But in the process of it all I cannot but help it being about me. And you. Since this particular tag is not all that personal(or is it?) I'll play. Plus, what the hay, it's really about sharing, is it not? So for Spooky Pete and any others who may be interested...

1) One book that changed my life? Really a tie. The Gospels and The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving. Spiritual Salvation from one and Mortal salvation from the latter. I have had to remind my self to keep passing by the open window before and might have to again..

2)One book you have read more than once? HA! Most of the books I have read I read again. Read a book you have read a year or more ago and you will get a whole different insight into it. I promise you will. For this answer I will have to go with not one book, but the 14 volumes of Morison's History of the United States Naval Operations of WWII. Read them many a time. It gave me a real good look at what was logistically and physically possible in our effort at prevailing in WWII. Reading that also convinced me that the Navy in WWII and in particular in the Pacific Theatre
did more with less than the Army or the Army Air Force. I also am still astounded at the commitment of one to the ship. I don't know, maybe it is a male trait. But to be a part of an independent, efficient, battle hardened machine is appealing. Not to belittle the Army(and hey I am an Army Brat) or the Air Corps but I find the Naval Service a bit more Valorous. They don't allow you to dig a fox hole in the deck and you can't retreat unless the ship does.

3)One book you want on a Desert Island. I would not want a book. I'd want the last 20 years of Penthouse Letters Magazine. That and a how to make Cocoa Butter pamphlet.

4)One book that made me laugh? Does a screenplay count? Though I never saw it acted out, The Taming of The Shrew busted me up when I read it.

5)One book I wish had been written? mmmmmmm. That's a weird one. I mean I would write it would I not? It's all been sung before. Whether by storytelling by the cave fire eons ago or the latest NY Times Bestseller it has been expressed before. I'll leave great books and such to great writers. Which brings me to my greatest writer? Yeah I know, it's not the question but this is my dance studio so - John Steinbeck is still the best.

6) A book I wish had never been written? That would be mighty presumptuous of me. But since you asked - The Bridge on The River Kwai. I really loved the movie(yeah I know it's about historically accurate as the Warren Commission Report) so I tried to read the book. I made a rule a long time ago. If I start a book I finish it. Just couldn't do it with the Kwai book. Boring is giving it too much credit. The other book I could not finish was War and Peace. Sure it is exciting. But I would need a massive flow chart to keep track of that many characters. I mean jeeeesssshhhhhh.

7)A book that made me cry? Me? Cry? Okay, Okay I'll admit it. A good writer can pull my heart strings easy. The most tears? The Pearl by Steinbeck. I did say he was the best did I not? It is also the last book of his I ever read. Ya see what he does is make you fall for the character(s) and then (SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT READ HIM!) kills them. The Pearl made me cry and made me mad. I remember my brother trying to get me to read The Red Pony. I resisted with all my might. Ya see I knew what happened to the Red Pony without reading it. Bloody Bastard. (Human lifts his voice to the heavens)
I love you John, You just hurt me too much!

8)One book I am currently reading? Well I used to read 2 or 3 books at a time. Well not at once but you know what I mean silly. Most often they were history books. One main book, a couple for reference or crosschecking and a couple of Atlases. Blogging has taken over from my reading. I still study though. Most on Childcare. Right now I Need To Pee. Ooopsy daisy. I mean I'm currently reading I Need To Pee by MO Willems. A potty training book. No damn it it's not for me, it's for my Lil Joe. Now stop it! That's my son's name, not my nickname for you know what!

9)One book I have been meaning to read? The Doomsday Book has just been put up on the Web. I think by the BBC. As a Historian I find lists, charts and such interesting. The other would be The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I have all the volumes. My copies were written about 200 years ago. Gibbons style is hard to read for me and he also takes things for granted. A flow chart again would be handy. Just can't keep reading him. Hard to decipher. Still I love books so I'll keep 'em.

10)Now Tag 5 people. I will never ever tag anybody.
But I will recommend one. Or two books. Barry and The Boys by Daniel Hopsicker and Confessions of An Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

I will also add that 2 of my favorite places in the world are the Library and a used book store.

Peace. It's possible. We just need to remember what we all learned in kindergarten.

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