Monday, July 31, 2006


Plain and simple. Though not required to have a licsense as such, the following article shows where their interests lay. It is not in our National Security interests to support Israel without question. Sure, the Corporate and the blood thirsty IrReligious Right love it. One is addicted to the Blood Money and the other just can't wait for Armegeddon and work everyday to bring it about. AIPAC is another force that will ensure that even if we have a Government run by the Democrats, not much will change. I remember when Gov. Dean in his run for the Presidency, called for evenhandedness he was immediately criticized by AIPAC'S #1 whore Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and many a Dem. Sadly Gov. Dean folded. Another chance for an epiphany in the American politic shot down.

Check out the article by Ari Berman "AIPAC'S DANGEROUS GRIP ON WASHINGTON"

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