Monday, November 13, 2006


Thanks to a wonderful, kindhearted friend who is a computer pro, my computer is fixed!Wiped, Reinstalled for Free!
Now I don't have to go to the Library to get my fix. Me so happy :)

Anywho, I did pick up a mystery book while I was at the Library last week. If it turns out that it was a worthy read, I'll pass the title on. I really should read more fiction type stuff. A good author can take me away. Just like Calgon.

On the Gates nomination front, another thing I heard was...he was instrumental in talks with the Iranian Revolutionary Government. While the Hostage Crisis was still going on. When we had a President Carter. Ya see, Unbeknownst to President Carter, the Secret Government held up the Hostage release, so as to get their Actor into the Presidential office. Doubt that? Yeah well, a wee bit later, President Reagan later gave a cake(I always wondered what icing?) and a Bible to the Ayatollah. Thats just a fact Jack(or Jill). He also sold arms to them too. And just who was Reagan's VP? Why ex CIA Chief Poppy(that's what the Family calls him btw) Bush. Same actors that generated the Iran-Contra War generated the Afghan and Iraq invasions.

Next Google movie I will watch is From Freedom to Fascism. It's finished dwnldg. Itsa a bit past 11pm here(don't pay attention to time dates on my blog, I can't reset it!)
So I'll only get to watch about half of it b4 I hit the hay at midnight. That is if its not boring and I don't drift off.......

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