Wednesday, October 25, 2006

65 Heroes Step Forward

The rumour that 65 Active Military Members have signed a letter asking that U.S. Troops be withdrawn from Iraq is true. It has been reported at a few blogs, but I was wary as I could not find confirmation.

This evening on MSNBC's Countdown(yeah Keith Olberman!) a signatory to the letter that was sent to Congress was interviewed. As my fingers were covered in BBQ sauce at the time I did not write down the Brave Man's name down. His 1st name was Liam and his rank is Sgt.(Marines) Even though Sgt. Liam was a bit nervous, he told it like it is. He also said that once the decision to get out is made, the Troops could be withdrawn in 3 months.

Tommorow(Oct. 25th) there is an expected News Conference with 2 of the Signatories.

As can be expected, these 65 Brave Troops will pay a price for their Patriotism. At the very least, they will not advance. If any of them are Officers, they will not get a positive review and be forced to leave. If one does not advance as an Officer out you go. Olberman also said that this effort is being co-ordinated with Military Families Speak Out(you can also find them on my Org links on da sidebar). I could not find any reference to it there, so maybe it will be unveiled tommorrow along with the Press Conference.

I have posted about the Rising Dissent among the Military before. This is growing. As the Troops realize that the American People are starting to see some Truth through all the BS, I think we will see more and more dissent.

Others(I'll be addng them to my sidebar) like Lt. Watada(also on sidebar) are going a few more steps further and refusing Illegal Orders.

These are the Troops who are fighting for me and my Family. For everyting Good and Right. As the names of the 65 become known, they will need all the support they can get.

If you are in the Military or have a Family member who is, you too can join Military Families Speak Out. For others, it is a great site for info on just what Military Families go through and activities you can join in on.

On the America-Iraq War and so many other subjects I am frustrated. However, the personal frustration of Military Families just does not compare to mine.

From a post at MFSO -
Letter to the Editor, The Nation
October 19th, 2006

My son is in the 172nd Stryker Brigade (Army). It recently had its one-year deployment to Iraq extended while in the midst of deploying back to the United States. He is one of the 400 soldiers who had made it back to Fairbanks, Alaska. A few days later he was informed that he was going to be sent back to Iraq. His brigade has been sent to Baghdad to save the occupation.
Don’t be fooled by the military commanders’ talk of the willingness of these brave men and women. The vast majority of the 4,000 172nd Stryker troops and families are angry and devastated at the last-minute extension. These troops had completed their year in Mosul, passed on their Stryker vehicles and gear to replacement troops and shipped their personal gear home. Worse, their heads were back home, where they had plans for family reunions, weddings and to see children born while they were deployed. Now they are expected to re-gear and reset their minds for battle. They are soldiers. They will do their duty, their mission.
I am a proud member of Military Families Speak Out. We are not an antiwar group; we are an organization of more than 3,000 military families who oppose this war, this occupation, based on the lies told to start the war and the greed for oil and profits that sustain it. It is our loved ones who are dying. Our mission is to support the troops by bringing them home now and taking care of them when they get here. This is only the most recent logistical mismanagement of this war.
To read more of what the Stryker families have to say, go to If you are a military family in need of support, go to Laurie Loving, Military Families Speak Out, Capital Region"

And when they do come home, let's give a heck of a lot better welcome than we did so many fleeting years ago.


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