Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I just woke up(1:45 AM), passed out on the couch. A real bad case of heartburn. No FREAKING ROLAIDS IN THE HOUSE! I had to drive to Sheetz. I don't like the idea of being out on the streets at this hour. Yeah, I'm old and used to think I owned the streets at this hour. Plus I don't like my wife and da kid to be alone.

Well at least my wife can go to work tommorow, without trepidation.

Or can she?
Here's the latest -
Updated at 11:35 p.m. on 10/11/2006
HAGERSTOWN, MD- There were tense moments in downtown after Hazmat teams were called to a nearby apartment building.

Miscommunication between some tenants and local law enforcement ultimately led to an emergency response that turned out to be a false alarm.

“We’ve determined that there's no public health threat. There's no public health emergency. There's follow-up that needs to be coordinated with the local health department and the state health department,” said Earl Stoner, Washington County Health Department.

Residents said a local police officer found a woman suffering from morning sickness inside an apartment building.

“The only thing I saw was when he came in. I saw the woman laying there and I heard her throwing up,” said Shelley Radcliff, resident in the apartment.

There was miscommunication between local law enforcement and the 16 residents in the building because of a language barrier. The residents were quarantined and then escorted into tents for evaluation.

Firefighters inspected the building while health officials inspected the residents, but nobody had any type of infectious illness.

“There's no infectious diseases of any kind. This was just blown out of proportion largely to the fact that there was a language barrier,” said Serhiy Dutchak, Virginia Council of Churches.

Serhiy said the pregnant woman is a refugee from Burundi. She is one of 12 African refugees living in the apartment supported by Dutchak's church group. He said he couldn't stop the rumors from flying.

“Some of the other residents in the building mentioned to the police department that, oh, everybody out here is sick, which really made it a big mess,” said Dutchak.

Nearby residents and workers were told to stay inside until officials could figure out the problem.

“We here at Mass Appeal were kind of alarmed at what was going on because it's our neighborhood and our community. We don't want people getting sick and contagious, spreading germs. We were just really concerned about that,” said Kah Jual, who works nearby.

None of the residents required medical attention. However, the woman who apparently caused the hazmat scare voluntarily admitted herself and her daughter into the hospital for further examinations.

Hospital staff said they were prepared for the worst.

“We were prepared for an emergency if it had occurred, but we didn't actually need to use it,” said Maureen Theriault, Washington County Hospital.

Reported by Amie McLain

More Than a Dozen People Quarantined in Downtown Hagerstown
Posted by sabraham on 2006/10/11 17:01:42 (1070 reads)

HAGERSTOWN, MD -- At this hour, 16 people are under quarantine as a result of a hazmat situation on Franklin Street.

Firefighters say 16 people are being held inside yellow tents outside of a three-story apartment building at 25 1/2 West Franklin Street. Of those 16 people, firefighters say four are from Somalia. They are reportedly suffering from flu-like symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Three police officers were also exposed to the flu-like symptoms and have been treated and released from the yellow tents.

It is still unclear what caused the people to become ill. To avoid any possible exposure, hazmat teams are advising the public to steer clear of the area completely. If you absolutely need to be there, firefighters are providing masks for your safety.

West Franklin Street is closed from Potomac Street to at least Jonathan Street in the downtown area. Traffic is being diverted. Police are asking motorists to avoid the area if possible to avoid major traffic delays.

Stay tuned to NBC25 News for updates to this breaking story.

Reported by Amie McLain

Human says - I think the rumor of 25 victims came from the address.
This address is just a few hundred feet from my wife's work.

My wife just returned home from work (7:15pm)in Hagerstown MD.
Today at approx. 4:30pm near her work downtown, a HAZMAT Emergency affecting around 25 people occured. Victims were said to be "foaming at the mouth".Victims were put into HAZMATS tents at site. Unkown cause. The building affected is adjacent to the Fie Dept. on Franklin Ave.

Will Update if I can. Been feeling sick.(no foaming at the mouth TG.
I got about 2 hours sleep last night. Totally forgot about my dentist appointment.
I got lucky and they'll take me tommorrow.
So I may have about an hour before I crash.


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