Monday, October 02, 2006

Boy, The Grand Old Pervert Party

sure does seem like they are a bunch of Lying, Thieving, Sadistic, Murdering, Child Molesting sick bastards.

In an effort to start a criminal investigation against Speaker of the House Rep.Hastert, Majority Leader Rep. Boehner, House Page Board Chairman Rep. Shimkus and RNCC Chairman Rep. Reynolds I called the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department. I was informed that the Justice Department has started an investigation and the Department is not investigating at this time.

How come I have a sneaky feeling that AG Gonzalez will not ask the correct questions and discover the evidence as it pertains to other Congressmen?

The Good thing is, they are worried. You will hear it in their call takers voice if you call.
Rep. Shimkus - (202) 225-5271 J(he gave his name but I don't want to get him in trouble) answered the phone.
Me - Hi, I'm calling about the Foley scandal?

J - Yes?

Me - Since the Congressman has admitted that he knew that Foley had inappropiate contact with a minor that was in is care, why did Congressman Shimkus then at a latter date, let a page go on a private dinner with Foley?

J - ahhem. Can you hold a second?

Me - Sure.

J - If I could just take your contact information?

Me- Sure. Does Congressman Shimkus know of any other child predators in the House?

J - Not to my knowledge. People are pretty upset about it here.

Me - I can imagine. Now I'm not attacking you or anything, but could you tell me if you know of any other child predators in the House?

J - No. I sure don't.

Me - I live in ---- and that's country and we're pretty Conservative here(we are but I'm not!) and people are pretty upset about this.

J - I bet. As a matter of fact I know where that is.

Me - It's beautiful out here.

J - Sure is. Gorgeous.

Me - You sound like a nice guy, and I'm surprised anybody is standing by these sick bastards.

J - (sounding defeated) yeah... If I could get your information?

Me - Sure. I give it and end with - Itsa beautiful day out, get out at lunch and get away from it all.

J - I plan to.

Me - Bye Bye J.

J - Bye Sir.

My personal feeling is J is thinking about a lot of things today.
I was polite and created a personal touch with the call taker.

The other calls? Well, they did not go as well. None of the call takers would give their name and all were down right huffy to pissed off.

The gem was Rep. Hastert's office.202-225-2976 All stonewall. After repested question's, she sighed and said, I'm just a young intern and all I can do is pass your comments on.

Me -(biting my tongue) Okay, Okay, but do you know of any child predators in the House?

YFI(Young Female Intern)(Apparently of Lower Value than a YMI) - I have to put you on hold Sir.

2 minutes later - A YMI comes on the line and I ask the same questions. Oh man did he get upset! Accussing me of me bordering on Harrassment. I said, "Don't I have the right to ask questions?" YNI-"Sure you have, I can put you on the commnent line.."
Me -"Okay, please do that, You sound like a upstanding guy, I'm surprised that you work for these bastards." YMI - "Here's the comment line Sir..."

Rep Reynolds (202) 225-5265 office was a hoot to.
Me - When did the Congressman know that Foley was a child predator?
(YFI) - Sir, there is an onging investigation and..
Me - Okay, okay I understand that. But, do you know if the Congressman knows of any other Child Predators in the House"
YFI- Now, Sir you are just being rude.
Me - No I'm not. I mean if he knew about one, there might be others right?
YFI - Sir, I can't
Me - Does he know if there are others who are preying on children?
YFI - That's an inappropriate question Sir.
Me - So asking about something inappropriate is inappropriate?
YFI - Now Sir
Me - Okay, Okay - Do you personally know of any other Child Predators?
YFI - Sir, you're being inappropriate.
Me - I think the Congressman covered for a child molester and I'm surprised anybody is standing by him or any the other sick bastards.
YFI - Sir, what is your name?
Me- (They always ask for "your contact information", I know I call a lot!)
I give it and leave her with, I hope you have an appropriately nice day".
YFI- You too Sir.

At Rep. Boehner's office (202) 225-6205 they had their s*** in one bucket. The YMI read from a response sheet. I asked if Foley's campaign money was going to be used by the Party?
I thought I could catch him doing a no no, but this guy was a pro - "Sir, we cannot comment on that from this office, if you would like to contact the RCC I could..."

Well, well, as I write this Rep. Hastert and Rep. Shimkus just gave a 1 minute "Press Conference". They quickly stalked out with none of the questions by the assembled media being answered.
On Fox they showed Hastert and Shimkus in a split screen with Foley. On the Foley screen he was in a crowd of people, seemingly on stairs with other Republicans smiling and waving as the others were doing. Seemingly, because the others in the screen were shaded out so as not to identify them. They later switched to the official Office Foley pic. Good ol Fox, shielding other Republicans as they are paid to do.

Rules to teach the Children - 1)Don't talk to strangers.
2)Stick together.
3)Stay away from the local Republican Party Office.

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