Saturday, September 02, 2006


The Bush Regime has Stolen Elections, Mounted an Illegal, Immoral and Aggressive War, resulting in tens of thousands of dead and many more maimed. Raped, Tortured and Imprisoned people. Bankrupted Our National Treasure for their own Profit and have shredded the Constitution of Our United States.

Why anyone would doubt that the Bush Regime was not only capable of aiding and abetting 911 but has shown motive for doing so, is beyond my comprehension. Do you really think that a few thousand Americans matter to these sick bastards? Can you say Katrina?

I think the most clearheaded naysayer won't really look into the facts or dismisses them out of hand because then one has to make a decision. That is to either just stand by and do nothing or act and defend yourself from future attacks.

Information is Power. Why deny it to yourself?

Forewarned is Forearmed. Arm Yourself. Please watch The Great Conspiracy.

It's a Google Video. If you have trouble playing it, you may want to download the player. Then download the video and open it up w/ Google Video. If you have trouble, just ask and I or another will help you.

In addition I offer this link to Operation Northwoods. It is referred to in the video. After you read that, please ask yourself, "Just how much power does the Government have now compared to the early 60's?"

Peace. It's possible. A good start would be a Government BY and For The People.

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