Monday, September 11, 2006


Sept.10th 2006 Mass Murder George Bush returned to the scene of the greatest carnage and death that he and his cohorts inflicted upon America. Tomorrow he is going to Pennsylvania to desecrate the ground there too. One of the Master Puppeteers Dick Shotgun Cheney will most likely make a photo op where they attacked the United States Armed Forces Headquarters.

I wanted to wrap it up today on one big post.
However, I think it is time to keep the info and resistance going and indeed increase it. I really can't wrap it up. These sick bastards need to be tried and sentenced.

There is no doubt about it to me that they are worried about the truth of the attacks of 911 and the following Anthrax attacks.

The Disney/ABC film that is far from factual, was offered as a truth documentary and they tried to send teaching kits(some say they were sent out) to tens of thousands of High Schools students.

Ann Coulter, with the release of her last book and ensuing appearances on mass media did her best to degenerate and marginalize four women from New Jersey who husbands were murdered by the Bush Regime in New York City.

I was having trouble with which film to choose. And along came a film that promises to be very informative. I have not seen it all just the 1st few minutes. It also gives you a chance to hear from those very same widows that Ann Coulter smeared. Since that enabler has had her sick croak heard, and Bush struts on Hollowed Ground please watch this film, I think it is proper they be given a chance to be heard at least as loud as Ann Coulter and that Butcher Bush.


If you are not up to a film right now maybe you might want to read a paper by BYU PDF Physics Professor Steven Jones or an interview of him(hattip DOHC)on the subject of the attacks on 911.

Peace. After We Make The Bastards Pay For What They Did.

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