Friday, September 08, 2006


A fully comprehensive film would take many hours. "EVERYBODY'S GOTTA LEARN SOMETIME"(<--click to play) is the most factual one I have seen and it ties in some of the money trail. Because I'm saying it's the best one yet (I saw it before the others that are posted below) I feel I need to mention 3 aspects of it.

1st Able Danger. Rep. Curt Weldon (Penn. Republican) is such a staunch supporter of the Bush Regime that many find it surprising that he even comes close to trying to get to the truth of 911. Except the Able Danger Program was stifled during the Clinton Administration. I feel the film should mention this. To me it just shows that whoever is sitting in the Oval Office is by and large irrelevant. I wrote Rep. Weldon before his knowledge of Able Danger. It was in response to his staunch support of the American-Iraq War. He was the 1st person that I used one of my favorite lines on. "Maybe someday you will pull your head out of your patriotic bowels and breathe the fresh air of reality". So maybe he has his ears clear but his eyes are still embedded.

Another thing that should of been mentioned concerns 2 of the suspected hijackers who are reported to have had flight training at an USAF Base. They were trained in the early 90's.

The final aspect is one that I find the most troubling. It is the supposed picture taken during a Pentagon Drill Game of an Airplane hitting the Pentagon. I do notice that a date is given in the film which I had not seen from other sources. However, I 1st saw the pics (stills) months before I saw the film. My 1st impression was that it was fake. Just a feeling really. The uniforms and settings seem so contrived. The flaming "plastic model" seems, well stupid. As the picture is clear enough to ID persons, until further confirmation comes I will treat that particular evidence as a false card put in by WTF knows?

I could also have done without the cuts from the fictional movies. But hey, everybody gotta play Cecil B. Demille sometime, just as assuredly "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime".

Peace. It's possible. But we don't have much time left folks.

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