Sunday, September 10, 2006


This film is one of the shorter ones that expose the Secret Governments attack on us on 911.<---click to play. I do have a couple of complaints on it though. The attempts to highlight the "squibs" shooting out of the buildings is feeble. I can't see much of what is pointed out. Maybe it is because the movie is not made to be seen as a google video and w/medium resolution.One can clearly see the squibs shooting out on other videos, including the one posted below. The minumal text is also hard to read. The hard to read part is in relation to people still alive in the Twin Towers and not engulfed in a raging inferno, which if one is to believe the "Official" version, they would supposedly not be alive at that time. During my life I have seen other videos of other fires with victims that were alive with flames licking at their heels and smoke just pouring over them. These victims were leaning out windows also. So I think this particular evidence suggesting that the Buildings were not engulfed should be discounted. There is other evidence that clearly shows that the floors were not engulfed in a raging inferno and if you watched and read the previous posts pertaining to 911 you already know about it.

The video clips in the movie of the demolition of building 7 is not to be missed. You may also want to go here to see videos of different buildings being demolished by controlled demolitions.
If you watch the Southwark Towers collapse you can clearly see the telltale squibs of a controlled demolition. The Southwark Tower one is to be found on the bottom line of the videos, 3rd from the left.


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