Thursday, October 05, 2006

World Can't Wait. Drive Out The Bush Regime.


Lil Joe and I, along with about 200 friends paid a visit to George and Laura's place today.

Pretty good turnout for midweek/short notice/school time demonstration.

They had some really great speakers. Hooked up with a few people who may visit me wee blog. I interviewed 2 people and hope to have them up on Youtube or some place to view soon.

I'm pretty tuckered out. The Lil guy was a champ. It was his 1st big train ride.
We parked at Twinbrook Metro on the Red Line to Metro Center. Then the Blue Line to Smithsonion. At every stop he feared we were going to get off. Each time the train stopped he'd yell AGAIN! AGAIN!
He was a charmer as usual and brought many a smile. A real good day. Be to sure to click the pics to enlarge and again for even bigger.

Death Loves Bush and Bush Loves Death

3 Secret Service types walk through the crowd.

Dick and Death. It's just business. Don't take it personal.

Lil Joe and Me! He's about to lose patience. He started squalling right after this.
He calmed down when we started rolling on home.

We put Rummy, Cheney, Condi and George in a chain gang. Condi and George couldn't keep their lips off each other.

See that White House in the back? That's where they plan Kidnappings, Murder, Rape and Torture and the next attack on America.

We decided to declare the White House a Crime Scene and put Yellow Crime Scene tape around it.

A couple of cops harrass an anarchist. They were trying to get him to remove his mask. He refused and after trying to intimidate him they let him go.
The guy in the left forefront is his buddy. And yes that's a joint he's holding. Ahhh youth, how I miss thee.

All colors, All Creeds and All Ages, All around the Nation we protested the Criminal Bush Regime.

That's the Devil holding that sign in the background. Can you see his Trident?

I thought I'd close with a shot of my favorite Lil Protester. This was taken about a year ago, before his 1st haircut. My Lil booger Boy.

One of the speakers at the demonstration, whose story and testimony touched me deeply was Jennifer Harbury. A Harvard Law Graduate she has written two books. Her first "Searching for Everardo" is the story of her search for her husband, a Guatemalan Rebel who was taken prisoner and tortured to death with the aid and abetment of the CIA. Her second book "Truth, Torture, and the American Way: The History and Consequences of U.S. Involvement in Torture" further pursues the bloody trail of your Government and it's Secret Wars of Subjugation.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewed Ms. Harbury last October and you can listen to that interview or read the transcript here. Just click on "listen to segment".

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