Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am pleased to introduce you to my newest friendly Kara. You can find her at her Thinking Spot. Only visit if you want intelligent, humourus discussion on the world we all share.

If you would like to know more about Andre Segovia, I offer this Bio page. I was first introduced to the pleasure of hearing Segovia when I was 19 years old. I visited a friend who was taking Classical Spainish Guitar lessons from a student of Segovia's.
He had a reel to reel setup and played one of the few raw recordings of Segovia, as the Master was a performer and did suffer much recording.
Even with the cracking of the old recording, the moment I heard Segovia play, I said to myself, "Oh, thats what guitar sounds like". His play reminds me of those film cuts of Flowers Blossoming one right after another. BLOOM BLOOM BLOOM BLOOM.
It just goes to my ear, brain and straight to the center of my chest.

Sorry friends that I have not been on much, but I'm still working on the house lots and everybody is coming here for Thanksgiving. Cause, heck, we are the one with the baby. Okay okay he's 2 years old, but still the youngest cousin. Otherwise it's 5 hours of driving. And that screws up his routine, which(and you parents know the domino theory)in turns screws up his disposition. Which in turn screws up night night and which in turn screws up everybody's disposition the next morn. Well SCREW THAT. They gotta come here. Plus, why wouldn't they want to come? Lil Joe's just to cute to miss.

Okay, enough of that,I'm gonna listen to some Spainish feller play The Magic Flute on his geeetar again.

Ifin the Spainish feller ain't your kind of music, you will probably enjoy this Lil guy playing.


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