Wednesday, March 21, 2007


How is it that some people still believe Bush has been ordained by God to be President"?

Mass Murderer George W. Bush

How is it that a man who claims to be Godly can without any sense of restraint advocate the murder of another on National Television?

Blood Diamond Mine Owner Pat Robertson

How is it that this man who claims to be a Healer through the Power of God justify his website banner motto, "Winning the Lost at Any Cost"?

Slick himself, Benny Hinn

How is it that this man can cheer on the American-Iraq War and be so happy about it that he wants to extend the carnage Worldwide?

The Temple Builder John Hagee

And why should you care? Because Death and Destruction Becomes Them. They Have Millions of Followers. They Have Mass Media to Mobilize Them. They have Tons of Cash
to influence events Worldwide. They even have Offices in the White House!

Do their Followers drink the Kool-Aid? Or are they suffering from a long lasting contact high?

Those questions and more are answered in this fantastic Documentary titled "The Doomsday Code".

It is a film that should be run Primetime for oh, a couple of months on National Television. Especially on Sundays. The only objection to it that I have, is the camera work. I've never been a fan of the moving jerky shot that is so prevalent nowadays. Even more so when it lasts the whole film. Is holding the camera steady still taught? And the whispered voice overs were annoying.

Don't let a Mushroom Cloud be the Smoking Gun. Watch this film. Be Forewarned. Be Forearmed.


Note: If you want to play it fullscreen and don't know how or have trouble playing it let me know in comments.

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