Tuesday, February 06, 2007


In case you didn't notice there are new things on the right sidebar.
One is the flag of the Keystone State Pennsylvania. The State of my birth and current residence. Below that is a short on a Historical Marker. At each visit the marker will be a new one. Hey, I told ya, I was a History Freak. While driving if I see a Historical marker, I have to fight the urge to pull over and read it.

One can find the exact location of the Historical marker featured by clicking the name of that particular marker (e.g. xxxxx PA 1234)

Immediately below the Pa. Flag is a link to the National Historical marker Database. You can find your own State's Historical markers there. This a Historical Marker in Washington State's Clallam County at Port Angeles.

Below the Historical marker stuff yo will find a picture of President Gore. To the right of the pic, is a link to a petition site where you can join in the effort to Draft Al Gore for President. Strong rumour has it that He will make a Big Announcement at the Oscars on Award Night, this Febuarary 25th. So there is not much time to drag him into the fray.

I hope he runs as an Independent for the reasons I stated last May.

I'll add to that by saying, I feel certain that we, by Womanning and Manning the Tubes of the Internets, we can funnel $10,000,000.00 to him in the first 31 days of his Official Announcement. Like go totally Tubular on their Ass. We don't need no stinking Democratic Party Machine.

Peace. It's possible. We just have some Walls to Tear down. And I want to use Gore's head as Battering Ram to knock 'em down.

I do think there are some good Democrats. Right now (11:45 am EST), I'm particularly enjoying Rep. Henry Waxman Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee nail Viceroy Bremer and Gang asses to the wall on C-SPAN over their Corrupt practices in Iraq.