Friday, January 26, 2007

Pardon My Bitch

I know I should not complain, but damit, why wouldn't my seconding freaking no good freaking motherfreeeeaking kidney stone wait till Monday to make it's appearance via intense goshdarnfreaking paaaaiiinn so I and Lil Joe and I could join thousands of other people in DC and demonstrate against this sick FREAKING WAR?


The good news is, for the second time this week, Jack Cafferty on CNN mentioned the upcoming Demonstration in positive terms. His 5 o'clock question was will the demo make a difference. The Majority of the e-mail read was positive. The last one was quite moving. An Oregonion Woman wrote that her husband was flying out to DC tonight to join the March. She added that she would be there except one of them had to take care of the kids, and that he will represent both of them.

Robert Rouse from Left of Centrist is headed to DC all the way from Indiana. He'll be back Sunday and I'm sure he'll have a fine post about it.

I have attended 6 demos protesting this War and this has the feel of a bigun.
If you can come, you can find more info here. If you can't maybe there is one near you. If not you can help with donations here. If nothing else send your powerful thoughts and prayers to all the Good people who are Marching for Peace.

If I'm feeling better tomorrow we might go down, but it don't look like that's going to happen. Well the Percocet is kicking in and the pain is subsiding. I managed to make a visit to Pams tonight. There you can read the full list of those No Good SOB's who wouldn't let the Min. Wage be raised. Read ya all later.