Friday, January 12, 2007


I watched some of S.O.S. Rice's presentation before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. To say she looked discomforted throughout is an understatement. The Mighty Mic makes sure those chosen to be on the Committee are War Hawks. Sen. Nelson(D) who never met a Defense Spending Bill he didn't like and who has been a stalwart in support of the American-Iraq War said he has had enough of the lies. Sen Hagel(R) and Voinivich let her have it too. Brave Sen. Feingold was the only one to call for a withdraw now and wants the Congress to fulfill it's Constitutional oversight via defunding the carnage.

I really got the feeling that if one of the Senators had asked her that if she had an ounce of self respect left she should come clean and tell the truth of the matters at hand, she would of.

Meanwhile People of Peace are keeping the Pressure on. The Bush Regime still poses the greatest threat to our National Security. Wounded yes. They only have their Violent Extremist Base left. We must not let the Enemy have an inch of breathing space.

Whatever you can do in our Collective effort will reap big rewards.
This Jan. 27th(Sat.) there will be a massive demonstration to stop the War in Our Nations Capitol. On the 29th Delegations will be paying a visit to their Senators and Reps. to Lobby for an end to the Carnage. Other Demos will be held out through Our Nation.

If you can't join a demo, can you write a latter? Make that phone call? Send that fax? If you've already done that many a time, please do it again. Jabs are so much more important than a big punch. And with so many honest Conservatives joining the effort to end the War, the Jabs are coming Left and Right at the Bush Regime.

Find out more about the Jan. 27th demos here.<--click
Find you Representative here<--click
Find your Senator here<--click

And don't forget your local paper. Deliver an uppercut via a Letter to the Editor.

Peace. It's Possible. But it ain't gonna happen just through our Internet Access.

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