Saturday, January 06, 2007

IFin Ya Never Heard Congressman Ron Paul

it's about time you did. He has been a staunch counter in the Republican Party to the Neo-Cons. He's what I would call an honest Conservative. While I don't agree with everything he says, he is one any Liberal should be able to listen to with an open mind. In this his latest floor address he nails the Neo Con agenda. He also talks about Universal Service, a subject I disagree with him on. I'm all for it. I think there really is no other alternative way to counter the Apathy and Abdication of Citizen(Always Capitalize that last word folks) involvement so prevalent.

After you listen to Rep. Paul, I'd like to know your pros and cons on the subject of Universal Service. Also, are there any other Republicans you think you or your Reps. are able to deal with? What issues can we get Republican support? Me thinks the restoration of Constitutional Privacy Rights so flagrantly violated by the Bush Regime is one we can attain a lot of Republican support on.

Here is his Floor Address of Jan. 5th 2007 It's in WMV and after the 1st run through it continues automatically. It's a little over 5 minutes in total. If you would rather read the text of the speech you can here.

In addition if interested here is the text of his widely listened to "Neo Conned" speech of July 10th, 2003. Sorry, I could not find a proper video link. It is on Youtube, but in many parts.

Peace. It's possible. I'm ready to Ally with just about anybody to attain it.

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