Friday, November 24, 2006


Sorry I have not visited all my friendlies to wish a Happy Thanksgiving as intended,
but I've been just so busy and as it was decided that Thanksgiving was at my Bro and Sis in-laws place, we had over a 4 hr round trip to make. Everything went fine. Till I woke up this morning and found out a Dear friend's Grandmother died and that my Brother and his Son were involved in a very serious accident. Stupid me, my cell was misplaced for about a week. So I could not be contacted. Lil Joe, I and maybe another brother will drive down to Tennessee tomorrow. It'll be the 1st time Lil Joe is without his Mother for an extended period of time.

So a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks for your kind comments on the last thread.

Please Drive Gently.

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