Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two For Sicily Sue (Updated at end 1-24 10:30pm)

With Balls a Bouncing & a Keyboard Playing

And Guitar a Pianoing

I'm pleased to hook up with a New Friendly. Sicily Sue focuses mainly on Women's Issues and her own Trials and Triumphs. She also has a deep appreciation of Literature, Music and Art. With every visit I have learned something new and you just might too!

I also have a new link in the Org. section. I found the Women's Justice Center at Sicily Sue's. Below that is the link where you can take a Rape Quiz, a page from the WJC also linked at Sicily Sue's. A few misconceptions of my own were trashed when I took the quiz and maybe a few of your own will be too.

Oh what the heck, make 3 for Sicily Sue.

Can anybody guess what movie this theme song goes to?

Updated -
Because Haloscan ain't working for me right now I put this here -

Sicily Sue Wins! Before I checked my blog I did a search and found the Theme to TOE. They are quite similar. The way this musician plays it makes it sound almost identical to the FG theme.
So after hearing that I was gonna say you win anyways, because of it's extreme similarity. You do have a good ear and memory for music.

I too listen music while cleaning. Though I go for Rock, Folk or Big Band for cleaning. Classic for quiet reflective time. I really like that conductor guy that comes on PBS when they are raising money. Andres something or another. He makes classical concerts so fun!

Today I scrubbed the floor to the Doobie Brothers.

For the Winner, Sicily Sue, Cup this in your Hand (careful it's delicate) then click on this and close your eyes to listen to the Best Guitarist ever.(or maybe put it on pause to fully load 1st then close your eyes)

Peace & Tranquility is my Wish for you. If only for a Night and a Day.

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