Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Red Sky at Night

And I've found a Sailor who is a Delight. Now, Now, to read that is.
So with the assistance of the U.S. Navy Band I'm proud to introduce a new friendly
Commander Jeff Huber of Pen and Sword.

From his "About Me":"Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) was operations officer of a naval air wing and an aircraft carrier, and commanded an E-2C Hawkeye aircraft squadron. His satires and analysis of military and foreign policy affairs have appeared in Proceedings, The Navy, Jane's Fighting Ships, and other print periodicals. Some of his essays have been required student reading at the U.S. Naval War College, where he received a master's degree in national security studies in 1995. Jeff is a contributing editor with ePluribus Media and his regular commentaries on the current strategic situation are featured at Daily Kos, Booman Tribune and My Left Wing."

His insightful writings go a long way to dispel the myth that all Officers are examples of the Peter Principle. His present article is about the upcoming conflict with Iran. He don't mince words, so with Pen and Sword you get the point.

And for further enjoyment watch this -

White Sands Missile Range 1965: I was four years old sitting on top of my Father's shoulders where we had gathered with a few hundred other people to watch "something special". They came up behind us. As silent as a snowflake. With wingtips "A foot apart" and right on top of our heads they ROARED. I was so scared I was just a screaming. My Dad was laughing so hard he just about shook me off his shoulders.
What a show the Blue Angels put on that day! I surely thought they would crash into each other at any moment.

I'll never forget that day so far away.......