Sunday, May 14, 2006

This started out

as a response to comments made by Roundeather and John Good. Then things got out of hand. Hence Da Post -

We need a National cleansing of this bunch of crooks. We can reclaim our Democracy and it will be stronger for it. They are entrenched. The only way is to put them behind bars.

To make myself clear, the investigations and trials should include a few Dems.
We need leadership changed in both parties. All the more reason not to let the Dems take our vote for granted.

I think the there is one who as President might make the move to bring many to Justice and have the knowledge of Presidential office up close. He can get a faithful team running quick. He would also know more than many how to separate the wheat from the chaff in the Intell/MIl/Justice Depts.

I think President Gore has the guts to do it. (note – I am using proper address. We had an old dictionary in the family. In addition to our Constitution, there was instruction on proper writing and address to people. From Mr., Mrs.and Miss to Mr. President. The VP is properly addressed as Mister President. Okay that’s my Miss Manners imitation.)

If he does run -
A good move for President Gore, would be to announce as an Independent.

There are a few incentives to do this.
Money - Internet anyone?

Name recognition - Got it - Save $$$

Distancing oneself from the Dem Leadership/DLC.

Take advantage of poor Party morale.
Approval is low for both parties.

Populace has a general feeling of need for change, yet as a known quantity Mr. Gore is not "scary".

Give some Repubs a way to vote sgainst their party without voting Dem. According to the latest Gallup, 1/3 of Republicans want the Congress to change over to Dem control. The general maxim is that Repubs are more likely to stay at home when dissatisfied with their candidate than vote Dem.(Meaning of course Dems are more likely to vote across Party lines like with President Reagan. Or my write in for Sen. McCain in 2000, ya see, we are not that fanatical ;)
(sorry, got excited)

A proven campaigner.

A winner. Even if one denies reality and thinks Bush won fair, Vice President Gore won the popular vote.

Most(95% anyone?) who voted for President Gore are guaranteed to show up and right the wrong.

Give the Dem/Lib Anti-Hillary vote reason to show up.

Will he roll over(again?) if the election is stolen again? I don't think so.

Because of the propensity of the Repubs to steal elections, an overwhelming vote is needed. That makes the pick for running mate all the more important. I got a few ideas. Do you?

President Gore on SNL

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