Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things ComeFull Circle

For me, it seems they come quick.
Yesterday, in my effort to carry out my marching orders, I arrived at Eckerds Drug Store a bit late in the day than I wanted to. With a large list from higher command I parked in one of the spots reserved for Seniors. Not handicapped. Just Seniors. I said to my self "this food gathering expedition won't take long and there are 3 more spaces available. Besides I always return the cart to the inside of the store. Ya know I'm a good boy. And I can't get a ticket by the police (it's a ahem courtesy thing) and I do have a baby seat in the car so...

The gathering took a bit longer then I thought. I live in a small town and stopping to chat with just about everybody is expected and I do find it usually informative and interesting.

While going to check out, I hear my name called. It's a common name and I expected someone to be calling another. They weren't. It was my cousin who was accompanied by my dear Aunt. I had seen them last at my Mother's funeral in January. My Aunt looked a lot worse off than she did when I had last seen her. They had come to pick up her prescription for eczema that covered about 80% of her body. Including her feet, which were swollen. She was walking. Barely. I also learned she has shingles on top of it.

My cousin being the sweet person she is, had sent a donation in my Mother's name to a local Pregnancy Center. The agency sent me a thank you note. It was returned to them because of a wrong (just barely) address. She said it was in the van. I said I'll go out with them to get it. So we went outside to her the van. We started walking out into the parking lot. Well my Aunt hobbled not walked. Past my car. I said oh no, "did you have to park way over here?" Feeling very guilty, I admitted my car was in a Senior spot. My cousin said Oh no, and turning red said I forgot where the van was. Which was in a Senior spot. Right near the door. I felt better about that. I just consider it a warning. I do usually have my wee one with me and parked there before with him. I won't press my luck though. Next time it would probably be a whole herd of enfeebled Seniors whose space I steal.

And so it goes......Over at Spooky Pete's "Spying Bad Things"(one of my dear friendlies) a Bushusefool named Kira offered the advice to (paraphrasing)"Human you need to stop watching Michael Moore movies". As I deemed from previous attempt at discussion with her, she is one to ignore. But, with the news that the latest Gallup had 1/3 of Republican's wanting control of Congress to change to the Dems come November, I could not resist a glancing shot. I told Pete and added "those damn Michael Moore watching Republicans".

Felt good. Anywho, so just a little while ago I'm at another prized friendly, "Left In Aboite" and I notice that John Good has Michael Moore's site linked. Uh huh.
Thanks to Kira's fat mouth and John's good example, you will find my new Friendly, Michael Moore with my other precious friendlies.

In addition, as many of you know, some people game blogger with the aim of being #1 on search engines, with google being the prize. I learned this after I started blogging. They do it by trying to get linked, linking others and commenting wholesale. What interests me about blogging is the wonder of the technology that makes it possible for me to communicate with people all over the world en masse, the chance to put my ideas out there in an effort to make a better world and certainly not least to learn from others. To me, the chance to do this is enough prize in itself.

In an effort to ID and track the vile ones who abuse the opportunity to reach out and touch another I put site meter on my site. I can trace where people come from. So if one puts a search with the words "carbon paper" on a search engine, I can trace it to the search engine and see the words that person typed in the search box. I'm old enough where stuff like that still this blows my mind. Not much in trolls these days, but seeing what brings people here is interesting. Well, while tracing some visits I found out a few days ago I was #1 on MSN and Yahoo under the search words "Carbon Paper". And when someone puts the name of one of the fallen service members on Google that I listed in my "Remember" post, my site is usually in the teens and sometimes in the top ten.

I'm proud that I made the top tier honestly. Besides a natural puffed up ego, the big plus is that by being up there, someone who may have a bit of an open ear maybe might see and be convinced of the magnitude of the danger the Bush Regime poses to the World. A for instance was a most interesting find. Someone at the West Point Military Academy Library did a search on "West Point Paper". That brought the person to my "The Rising Dissent Among The Military". Which is about a group of West Point Cadets opposed to the American-Iraq War. The person sitting in the West Point Library stayed for over 4 minutes. One mind at a time folks.

I can't say I did it all by myself. I take this time to thank all my Friendlies and others who visit and have linked me. I thank Mike over at Crooks & Liars for putting my Remember post in his blog roundup. I would also be remiss (And you know I don't like to be) if I did not take time to thank a special being who has touched all of us in one way or another. I thank The Pig. He got quite upset about my "Remember" post and demands it be removed. Without all his muck throwing and grunting that probable West Point Cadet may not have read my post.

Like I said, Things Come Full Circle. Even for Pigs.


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