Friday, April 21, 2006

With Bugles Blaring

I introduce a new Friendly. Pissed off Patricia has a very fine blog over at Morning Martini. Now I ain't much for drinking in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I mean I am for drinking till morning but ya gotta draw the line somewhere.
Today she highlights a very important article that tells the tale of how the Bush Regime sabotaged it's public policy on Iraq. The secret policy is going just fine.

Meanwhile The Most Successful Facsists of all time lost a load last week.(April 17th article) BTW - I highly recommend "Barry and The Boys". A book by Daniel Hopsicker that details "your" Governments Narco-Terrorism activities.

Also the Bush Regime's efforts to shut down your right to know via the prosecution of Journalists and anti Bush Regime Government employess is a multi-edged sword. Seems that Condi has some 'splaing to do.

To close all I can say is I really like Pink.


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