Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Have Been Remiss

I've drawn attention to the Civilian and American Military deaths as a result of this Illegal and Immoral War. However, there are other Families whose grief is no less felt than any other.

With that in mind, Three Italian Soldiers and a Romanian Soldier Lost their lives in a roadside bomb attack in Nasiriyah. At least 212 Military families from other Nations have lost their loved ones.

As rising opposition to the War in Canada grows Prime Minister Harper takes Bush's abhorent example. Hat tip to Cathie From Canada.

It also seem the Australian Government has the same respect for their Soldiers as "our" Government does. Reminds me of the Pat Tillman (Ranger, Silver Star, Purple Heart) case.(I could not find his grade).

May they also be forever Remembered. For their willingness to sacrifice, their bravery and the Lies that killed them.


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