Thursday, May 11, 2006


Column for the Bush Regime.

In other circumstances I would tend to say, that because he said this mid day, that it would not have as great effect as say 6 or 7 pm. However, as a stay at home Daddy, I can attest that most daytime MSM programing is a more soft sell by the War Pigs. There is a lot more "touching" stories on Iraq and more fluffing up of news in general. I think this is where a lot of the remaining support for the Bush Regime is. The people who work away from the house have been hearing the bad news on their drive home from work or watching the net or tv.

In addition to a weekend financial show Cafferty is also on 4, 5 and 7 pm.

We need to work on the remaining support. Any ideas are welcome. It ain't over till the War Pigs squeal behind bars.

Impeach Bush

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