Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm moved to write about Mormonism because of the threat the "Church" poses to our Democracy and the fluff job PBS Frontline is presenting as I write this. As readers of this blog know, I don't believe in Organized Religion much. I'm a Christian. Unlike most people I have read the Book of Mormon. At the time of my 1st reading years ago, I was very open to new ideas and in search of a Spiritual Path. So I was not reading it with a hard heart or a closed mind. Quite the contrary.

After I read it, the 1st thing that came to my young mind was that if these races of people existed in America at any time there would be evidence of such. A Grand culture is supposed to have existed. Great Battles are supposed to have to taken place. With Legions of Charioteers clashing.The basic Human historical claim being that Natives Americans were a lost tribe of Israel.

I knew that much of the New Testament was based on faith. However the cultural background of the New and Old Testaments were factual. There was a King Herod. Jerusalem and Jericho. There still is a Bethlehem, Mount Sinai and Red Sea. There is vast archaeological evidence to support the basic culture and non faith based events found in the Bible. In fact a lot of Archaeological digs were based on biblical accounts. In contrast I knew that there was nothing to support the claims made in The Book of Mormon. No Native Coinage. No wheels to mount on Chariots. No pre European spears and swords have been found. It was for this reason I did not hitch my wagon to Team Mormon.

I knew that Mormonism was based on the words of a fake. and it's members made up of a host of fools. If ones choice is Free and Fair I have no objection to anyone choosing their Religion. All Americans have a Right to be Fools. Heck, it's the National pastime.

My main objection to Mormonism is the claim that they are Christians. Sure, one has a Right to call themselves whatever. However it don't make it so. If I called myself a Buddhist it would not make it so.

For those that don't know, the basic Christian belief is that the only way to Salvation is through the Free acceptance of Christ as ones personal Savior. Nothing more, nothing less. In contrast Mormonism like so many false Churches, adds to it. Including ideas that are anathema to Christian beliefs. Preexistence (on other planets where they were Gods). A return to Godness upon Death. And a way to Salvation other then through the Son.

Not many may like this post, but I want to remind the reader that I have spoken against faux Christians like Bush and Robertson. I don't like how they drag My Lord and Savior through their Bloody Battlefields, And I sure don't like Mormons claiming to be Christian and making huge profits off of it. I also don't think that it's a coincidence that the State of Utah filled with Mormon fools who love Bush are big cheer leaders of the American - Iraq War. Billions are made by the Mormon "Church" off of their businesses. Gee, I wonder how many are tied to the "Defense" Industry?

For a synopsis of Mormon beliefs you can watch this -

For a camparison of the Bible vs. The Book of Mormon watch this -

I think the next faux Christian Church that I'll write about is Catholicism. Talk about using Jesus Christ to bludgeon. Jeesh. I think I have a fitting title. A History of Catholicism, From Creation by the Roman State to the Church of the Holy Molesters.

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