Sunday, December 09, 2007

Crook and Liars with Americablog: Enablers of Torture

Update at end.
On the "news" that American Traitor Bitch Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats were fully briefed on the Torture methods used by the CIA, Crooks and Liars with Americablog wasted no time in excusing their actions and blaming it on Bush and the Media.

From Crooks and Liars, "No matter how you slice it, there’s some serious ’splaining that needs to be done, but the lopsidedness of this article makes me more than a little leery of its accuracy."

As per Crooks and Liars protocol, when a comment is not in line with the chorus, it is deleted. As mine was. I forgot to c&p mine so I'll paraphrase. "That would mean that the Democratic Leadership Conspired with Bush Regime to commit Torture. When will the wild Conspiracy Theories end"?

For those who don't know, Crooks and Liars does not allow any discussion of 911 facts that do not adhere to the Governments scenario. John Amato says this is because he had "friends" die in NYC on 9-1-1. However, they do promote the "Conspiracy Theories" that the Bush Regime steals elections, started a War that has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands on false premises, Tortures people and is generally filled with a bunch of Crooks and Liars. So I guess if John Amato knew one of the many Iraqis as a "friend" that have been slaughtered he would disdain and delete any discussion of the Conspiracy to start the American - Iraq War.

In addition many of my comments and of others that take the Democratic Misleadership to task are deleted. So I have no doubt that calling Pelosi and others out on their Criminal Lying asses was the reason it was deleted. The Facetious "wild Conspiracy Theory" was sure to make the DLC automatons push the delete button.
All of my comments "await moderation" until cleared by DLC protocol. Are the Redstaters and Crooks and Liars run by the same people? Or are they just brown nosing in hopes of getting invites to the White House? I think the latter. 'Cause the 1st would be a Wild Conspiracy Theory.

Over at Americablog it was all just another plan laid by the Wiley Bushies to entrap Pelosi.
"Sure looks that way. Today's Washington Post reports that Pelosi was briefed about the CIA's waterboarding in 2002 and raised no objections. A few responses:
It's pretty clear that either one of the Republican members of Congress at the meeting, or the CIA, decided to leak what happened at a super-classified post-9/11 briefing in order to embarrass Pelosi and the Democrats. And I don't doubt for a minute that Bush approved the leak, as he always does.

It's also clear that had Pelosi raised any private objections during the meeting - remember, it took place in the first year after September 11 - Bush and the Republicans would have leaked that fact to the public (like they just did) and destroyed her career and marked her publicly as a traitor. No member of Congress, no American, could have spoken up about anything in the months after September 11 and survived. It's patently unfair to suggest that somehow because Pelosi didn't object then that she doesn't have the right to object now.

One final point. I hope this teaches Pelosi and Reid and all the Democrats that no matter what you do, this administration will mark you as a traitor and try to do destroy you. You might as well fight back and try to win, because if you don't, you'll sit back and lose."


At least Americablog did not delete my comment (this time)

"I hope this teaches Pelosi and Reid and all the Democrats"...

And I hope this teaches "Democrats" that the "Democratic Party" is just half of a false dialectic. A good first step would be holding Pelosi and others accountable and not spinning and excusing their actions and blaming it on "Bush".

Democratic Party. The Torture Party. Get used to it."

Excusing and spinning the facts for what? In the wet dream that somehow if the "Democrats" take control of the White House that all this nightmare will end?

Sometimes I wish I could ignore it all. But, I'm a sentient being and I cannot ignore Torture and Murder. I cannot ignore Torturers and Murderers. Just as assuredly I cannot ignore the Enablers of Torturers and Murderers.

It's possible.
But not if We ignore the Screams of the Victims.
Update - Soon after this post Crooks and Liars banned me from posting and in a subsequent article put up a "This blog is anti torture" pic. Crook and Liars, along with Redstate, Wonkette and the Bush Regime just won't tolerate dissent.

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