Friday, November 02, 2007

MIchelle Concentration Camp Malkin and her Hoardes are piling on NIckelodean and Hasbro

Recently Linda Ellerbee ran a segment on Nickelodeon that showed just what Power and Responsibility Citizenship entails. This segment also profiled American Hero Ava of "Peace Takes Courage". Since this segment was not approved by the MSM and Michelle Malkin she has decided to unleash her deluded followers on Nickelodeon, Viacom and Hasbro, one of the sponsors of Linda Ellerbee's segments. So as to make sure Nickelodeon and Hasbro does not hear just the Sick Far Right's opinion on this, I contacted Nickelodeon and Hasbro via the info supplied by the Hate Site's of "ArmyWifeToddlerMom"(ahh if only we could go back to the 50's eh?) and Michelle Malkin.

This is the letter I sent to Nickelodeon -"I want to take this time to thank Hasbro for it's sponsorship of Nicelodeon. I'm sure that the company has received many letters of protest from the ranks of Michelle Malkin's hordes. I for one know that the segment was for the purpose of showing what power a Citizen has and ways to exercise it. I would be very disappointed if Hasbro pulled it's advertising because some don't like the idea of Citizen empowerment. As a father of a 3yr. old I must say, we enjoy a lot of Nickelodean's programming and don't see anything wrong with educating children on Citizenship and the responsibility it requires. Thank you for your time and have a good day."

Now we know what kind of letters and messages the Sick Far Right sends. This is from Ava's comment section on her blog,
"by waz_up14 @ 31 Oct 2007 04:37 pm
i hate this site it sucks your so wrong without this war you wouldn't be alive or even get to have this website"
Must be that "Compassionate Conservatism" that motivated that e-mailer.

If you are so inclined here is the contact info -

Nickelodeon Email

Nickelodeon-East Coast
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Phone (212)846-2543

Nickelodeon-West Coast
4040 Vineland Suite 105
Studio City, Ca 91605

Viacom email

This is Alison Dexter's to Executive Vice President (EVP) of Production at Nickelodeon personal cell number - 818-736-3000. I would not have provided it except Stepford Wife "ArmyWifeToddlerMom" put it on her site. I called and she seemed delighted that I called. She thanked me and asked me to repeat my opinion on the message line which she then transferred me to.

Remember Politeness Counts. Oh yeah, the Kids are alright.

P.S. The above picture is not from the high lighted segment. It is from this place.
You can watch the trailer here.

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