Tuesday, October 23, 2007


1) People who own Multi Billion Dollar Propaganda machines. Like Rupert Murdoch who brings you the always Fair & Balanced Fox News.

2) Her old friends at Wal - Mart.

3) Defense Contractors.

4) High Moral Voters like David Brooks, the conservative columnist at The New York Times, who wrote that Clinton "seems to offer the perfect combination of experience and change" and said she's changing perceptions in a way that may persuade voters to give her a second look.

5) People who suffer from Knee Jerkitis. Voting for someone because they have a "D" after their name. Kind of a sub category of #6.

6) People who are willfully stupid. Those that choose to ignore her ties to the Mighty MIC, the MSM, White water, Mena Arkansas and her full support of the Bush Regime's Foreign Policy.

7) The uninformed. They care. They just don't have a solid political base of thought developed
and generally follow the herd.

8) The misinformed. Fed a steady diet of fearful propaganda filled pablum since babies they react like textbook examples of victims suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

9) Bush's old Oil/Terrorist Friends like Alan Quasha.

A Hillary Clinton Vote is a vote for more War, Higher Taxes, A strengthened Corporate Government and the final destruction of any chance to turn America from the solid Fascist State to a Government for and by the People.

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