Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Until the American Public realizes the extent of the Power of the Secret Government and the Evil Deeds perpetuated there is absolutely no chance that any fundamental change will take place at home or abroad. The dissolution of Our Constitution, the embezzlement of Our Treasury and the Slaughter of Millions of Human Beings will continue.

Too many people still believe in the false dialectic of Democrat vs. Republican. Sadly, these include many Heartfelt Progressives that still buy into the idea that the Democratic Party represents their interests. This is the reason Senator Clinton can get away with calling the America-Iraq War "Bush's War" without any substantive challenge. She, along with many other Democrats abdicated their Constitutional Responsibilities on a question of War and left it up to Her Boss, the Unelected George W. Bush. This was done with the intent to later disavow any responsibility for the Carnage that was sure to come. Let Bush take the heat because he will just be installed again come what may. It has worked like a Charm.

The ties that bind the Clinton Clan to the the Bush Clan go way back. White Water was chump change. To realize that, one has to go back in time to when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and the Generated War upon the Nicaragua People was in full swing.

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