Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What a day! I went to the local Obama office and volunteered. I'm so happy I did. Not only did we get people to the polls but I met some wonderful people. The most outstanding was Mary, who ran the office. Without Mary the office would not have been open and the dozen or so volunteers who showed up would of found a closed door.

When I entered the office I found Mary working feverishly. She immediatley put me to work on the phones. Not long after that another volunteer showed up. "I just can't sit at home today" she said. Minutes later she joined me in making calls. A man from Maryland came in and said, "What can I do to help"? He was given a canvas package and sent out. Two young female voters showed up and they were sent to canvas too. A bit after them two more people showed up and were sent out to canvas. Another lady came in and brought a whole rack of sandwiches from Quiznos. Yum! After the man from Hagerstown came back from canvasing he gave a lady a ride to the polls who came in to the office. The young Private who I was to give a ride to never showed. I sure hope he got to vote!

And talk about lines! There was a hour and half wait at one of the polls in our little town. Usually there is at most a 5 minute wait. At my own poll station over 500 voted. I know that because when my wife showed up after work to vote she was number 500. The election judge told me he had been doing this for 30 plus years and had never seen such a turnout. I heard that Florida had a 85% turnout. It's like we live in a Democracy or something.

After picking up Lil Joe, he and I went and leafleted at the Town Hall poll station.
With night falling and Lil Joe losing patience I had to call it quits. I was feeling good and confident. However I know how dirty the Racketeers are. Would they steal and block enough votes to "win" again? I wasn't sure.

Even in our Little Town, Republicans used a dirty tactic that was never used before. We are allowed to work the polls at 10" or more. And both sides do. However no one ever posted signs at the polling station. I voted at the local Ambulance Squad. And I found the poll station covered in McCain signs. I asked the Judge about it and he said as long as it was beyond 10'. Later when I was working at the Obama office, we had people coming in all worked up over the signs. One Gentleman who was 87 years old was justa fuming. He had been voting all his life here and never had he seen them post signs like that. The McCain signs btw were all new. Obviously they had a bunch left at their campaign office. We didn't have any. All had been taken by Obama supporters. Well we answered the call. Mary went and got her 3 signs from her home. Others brought theirs in. I went and asked a neighbor if I could have hers. We went and posted our signs too! Some people said, "Let's not lower ourselves to their standard". However some people were showing up at the polls and upon seeing the signs thought, "Is this where the MCain people vote". This info was reported by poll workers. Yes, some people need alot of help!

After meeting up with my wife at the polling station we went to one of our favorite places to eat. I didn't want to go home. Ya see we don't have tv or the 'net at home and I was justa itching to hear any news.

My good friend Roundearther came through. He 1st called me a bit after 8pm. The news was good, with Obama leading in Florida and some other battleground states. He gave me another call later. McCain was catching up in some areas. After yapping for a while I told him I had to go, but call me when The Result was in.

I slept out in the living room with the phone by my head. At midnight Roundearther called me. OBAMA had won. He put the phone up near the speaker and I got to hear President-Elect Obama's Acceptance Speech! And what a speech it was! A Gentleman he is through and through. Such Graciousness. It brought me to tears. What a long way we have come! And we are to have an Adult leading us!

No, though the Nightmare has ended, we are just rising up. The Damage the Bush Regime has inflicted on us all will take years to repair. Yet I have confidence that we can Overcome. Just look at what We did on Election Day!

YES WE DID! Can we regain Our lost Reputation? YES WE CAN! Can We free the Ship of State from the rocks? YES WE CAN! Can we forge a more Progressive Society one with the most even Playing Field we ever imagined? YES WE CAN!

Lastly I want to thank all who put forward any effort into the Obama/Biden campaign. Thanks to all of you, we Won. Thank you to all the Sen. Hillary Clinton supporters who came and helped. Thank you to all who just dropped by the Obama office across the country and brought cookies, donuts, casseroles,sandwiches and words of encouragement. Thank you to all who voted. Yes, even the McCain voters. I have no doubt that many of you voted your heart and were not driven by Racism or other Vileness. Thank you for particpating in this Great Experiment.

But most of all I'd like to thank Mary. Mary who ran the local Obama office. Mary who has had 3 surgeries this year due to cancer. Mary whose own daughter has cancer. Mary who was in the hospital just a few weeks ago with Pneumonia. Mary, who could of stayed home and instead chose to put forth a Supreme effort. Mary who has a Heart of Gold.
Mary, thank you so much.


The Line at Church of the Apostles

President - Elect Obama's Acceptance Speech in 3 Parts

Peace. It's possible. Don't let anybody tell you any different.

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