Monday, November 03, 2008


If you have never read Studs Terkel, you're missing out on the wit and wisdom of an American Icon. His Great Depression book "Hard Times" is my favorite.

Here is an article on Studs Terkel by Lee Cohen - Remembering Studs Terkel.

Here is a recent interview by Edward Lifson with Studs Terkel - "Studs for Obama".

One of Studs Terkels best quotes - "When the Armada sank, you read that King Philip wept. Were there no other tears? And that's what I believe oral history is about. It's about those who shed those other tears, who on rare occasions of triumph laugh that other laugh."

Other Studs Terkel quotes can be found here.
Books by Studs Terkel -
"Giants of Jazz" (1957)
"Division Street: America" (1967)
"Hard Times" (1970)
"Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do" (1974)
"Talking to Myself: A Memoir of My Times" (1977)
"American Dreams: Lost and Found" (1983)
"The Good War" (1984)
"Chicago" (1986)
"The Great Divide: Second Thoughts on the American Dream" (1988)
"Race: What Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession" (1992)
"Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century by Those Who've Lived it" (1955)
"My American Century" (1997)
"The Spectator: Talk About Movies and Plays With Those Who Make Them" (1999)
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Reflections on Death, Rebirth and Hunger for a Faith" (2001)
"Hope Dies Last: Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times" (2003)
"And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey" (2005)
"Touch and Go" (2007)
And his last -
"P.S.: Further Thoughts from a Lifetime of Listening" (2008 ) Available at Amazon.

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